1. Second only to jewelry photography in difficulty, newborn photography is often little more than a shot in the dark at chaos and luck.  Knowing that I don’t believe in chaos and have no luck, I create unique vignettes, interesting lighting schemes, and study study study other photography from that genre for thinks to remember NOT to do.  Seeing other people’s mistakes can really save you time and memory card space on a shoot.  Keeping in mind that you have little-to-no control over the baby’s mood or sleep, so do yourself AND THE PARENTS a favor and let that go.  Have a half ton of ideas that you have written down and then start mentioning them to people smarter than you to see which ones seem too cheesy, cliche and simple.  Find the ones that are your style of photography AND are interesting to people besides yourself and your buds.  Why?  Because likely your clients aren’t photographers.   And if you are like me, most of your friends are photographers.  Instead, talk to the people who are your clients, find out how they met, what they are into, and take the ideas from there and your lighting schemes from your notes, practice, and other genres.  Here, I the lil’ tyke is lit in some of my traditionally commercial photography, just really close to the ground.  Love the clients on this one: Rodney and Randi, who are cute as hell and just a great team to work with.  Randi is a classic beauty and Rodney was a strapping young man that stepped out of his comfort zone a tad to help create some awe-inspiring compositions.  Enjoy! 

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